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The businesses who appear in and advertise with Main Street have one thing in common: they’re locally owned. These are the suppliers, consultants, lenders, and advisors who live in Hampton Roads. They understand our local economy, coach our neighbors’ children, patron our favorite restaurants, vote for our city councils, give to charities that touch our streets, and believe in the people of Hampton Roads enough to stake their livelihood on it.

When a business wants to attract local customers (especially local business customers), they quickly find local media as the best way to do so. Main Street is written and produced right here in Hampton Roads, based on face-to-face interaction with these advertisers, always with the goal of connecting the right customer with the perfect product or service. We believe in these advertisers enough to stake our magazine on them.

Get to know your neighbors here. Learn their stories, see their faces, and understand why they do what they do. Then give them a chance to impress you as a customer.

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